“I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from Milo, and there are cis writers who will sorely need Milo's expertise, guidance, and good humor.”
“Milo was incredibly well prepared and knowledgeable. The information presented was extremely helpful and interesting and the class never dragged. I highly recommend him to people. Milo’s classes should be offered on a regular basis.”
“The class was well organized and the material was accessible and powerful. There should be more classes like this!”
“Milo Todd is a talented teacher.”
“I would take any class about writing Milo has to teach."
“Milo puts a lot of care and thought into his classes.”
“Loved, LOVED Milo’s class! It was super informative and extremely welcoming. We dealt with some emotional subjects, but I think the group and tone were set properly right off the bat—and Milo did a wonderful job leading us through it all. Would love to see more stuff like this!”
“Milo Todd’s classes are essential.”
“Milo had great insights and was warm, welcoming, and encouraged students to ask questions. Loved the presentation.”

Milo Todd believes in creating a learning environment where students feel safe sharing their classroom goals, whether it’s their first draft or their first question about trans people. With a nurturing environment and genuine willingness to learn, students can walk away with confidence in their ability to see and shape their world, navigate key questions of writing and identity, and develop their awareness of self and others across difference.


Upcoming Classes:

Writing Outside of Your Lane (3 Hours)
December 2020
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Past Classes:

Writing Outside of Your Lane (3 Hours)
September 2020

Jumpstart Your Novel (6 Weeks)
June – August 2020

For Instructors: Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion in the Writing Workshop (3 Hours)
October 2019

Write on Fire: Turning Anger into Art (3 Hours)
September 2019

Transgender Character Bootcamp (8 Hours)
July 2019