Milo provides a variety of editing, consulting, and speaking services, including feedback on manuscripts, query letters, pitches, and story ideas, as well as training and consulting on trans and nonbinary inclusion in the classroom.


Are you struggling to stick to your writing goals? Do you need someone to keep you motivated through the milestones of your projects?


Feeling stuck in a plot hole? Have specific questions about story or craft?


Need help finishing your query letter? Want to perfect your pitch?

Quality Control

Want to make your first five pages irresistible? Need feedback on your full manuscript? Looking to make sure your transgender character is authentic?


Looking to update your inclusion policies for transgender and nonbinary students? Want to make sure your writing workshop is mindful of transgender narratives?


Looking for an expert on transgender and/or writing topics?


Leslie Teel

“Milo is an excellent writer with a critical eye for editing. He is open and positive - a great person to work with!”

Teddy Howland

"Milo's feedback on my work-in-progress was incredibly insightful, articulate, and professional. His comments challenged my notion of the plot and characters, and forced me to think more deeply and critically about them."

Julie Carrick Dalton

"Milo is a thoughtful editor. He isn't afraid to push you or ask questions that might challenge you. If you want an editor who will spend time thinking about the impact of your words, point out your shortcomings, and help you find solutions, then you would be wise to hire Milo."

Pam Loring

“With his editorial eye, Milo Todd brings a unique sensibility to a wide range of work—honing in on subtleties, strengths, and weak points quickly and concisely. His suggestions for improvement and clarity are delivered with honesty and always with sensitivity to the writer."

Julie Rold

"An incredibly talented and original writer, Milo is also an outstanding editor, offering insightful, helpful, and rigorous commentary on my manuscript. Among other useful editorial advice, his thoughtful reading of the LGBTQ themes in my novel helped me consider ways I might expand them towards greater sensitivity and inclusivity. As a person, Milo is smart, funny, kind, encouraging, as well as highly responsible, knowledgeable, and professional. He read my work carefully and always with an eye towards helping me improve, is a great listener, and a wonderful person to work with. He’s a first-rate writer, editor, and educator.”

Sarah Colwill-Brown

“Milo has a keen eye for the essence of a piece and how to prune the work so that the heart is revealed. I also deeply appreciate his voice as a writer - he's very much a valued contributor.”

Desmond Hall

“Milo’s feedback is stellar.”

Rose Himber Howse

“Milo Todd keeps up with the ever-changing world of politics (especially queer ones), with a knack for both how to affirm and when to interrogate. This, along with Milo's old-fashioned ability to turn a phrase, makes him an indispensable voice. I've had the privilege of reading Milo's fiction and having my own work critiqued by Milo, and in both cases I've experienced a coming-into-clarity of the counter narrative: more radical empathy, but less redemption; more honesty, but less consolation.”

Nancy Johnson

"Milo Todd is an editorial genius. I entrusted my novel manuscript to him and he provided a detailed, thorough critique on everything from character development to plot and voice. He raved over what I did well but also diagnosed the problem areas where the story stalled and lost momentum. Now I have specific, concrete feedback that will help me as I revise and make the book the best it can be when I query literary agents. I highly recommend Milo's editorial services!"